what to wear.

My pastor announced that our church The Way and several churches in the East Bay had pre-purchased 700 tickets for "Black Panther" at the Grand Lake Theatre. If there was anywhere to watch this movie, it would be at this beautiful venue in the heart of historic Oakland, where some of the movie actually takes… Continue reading what to wear.


And instead of or.

"So what do you do?" "I'm a writer." "Oh! What do you write about?" I DON'T KNOW, JEEZ, JUST LEAVE ME ALONE, I HATE LIFE. Alas. This time around, I was sitting in a bustling Korea BBQ restaurant, meeting several of Daniel's med school friends. But what I find myself actually saying surprises even me.… Continue reading And instead of or.


I have been mulling over this post for some time now. There is never a "ready time" to share bad news, so I'm just going to do it. In early March 2017, I noticed that my ankles were swollen. I watched in dismay as it spread up my legs, to my torso, even pillowing on… Continue reading miracle.



For most of March, I have been traveling in Taiwan and South Korea. My friend Irene and her husband Aaron are living in Taiwan for a year, and as a freelance writer, I thought, why not work from there? What started off as a whim, a galliventure (gallivanting + adventure) just because I could, has… Continue reading vacuum.


ride or die.

I participated in the Arise Convergence put on by Second Acts on February 9-12, 2017. Second Acts is a group of progressive and Christian individuals intent on exploring and executing liturgical direct action. Frankly, no one really knew what we were getting ourselves into. Activists, artists, struggling folk from all over the country simply came… Continue reading ride or die.


a bountiful life.

When it is time to write, I walk to the Berkeley Public Library. The trek from my home is about 15 minutes, and on the way, I've been reading through "Citizen: An American Lyric" by Claudia Rankine. In the back of my mind, I imagine that the neighborhood has tagged me as "That Girl Who Can Walk… Continue reading a bountiful life.


A life accommodating life.

Dear family, I wanted to keep in touch with you, to let you know how I'm doing, and to show you how your time and love invested in me is already taking on new expression. Of course, it is only when I'm afar that I get to fully appreciate just how unique Ekko's story is, yet I still… Continue reading A life accommodating life.